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Handmade Woven Dark Gold & Silver Plated Oxidized Crumpled Bracelet

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Make your appearance unique with this impressive handmade bracelet knitted by experienced skillful artisans, who use only the tips of their fingers, with gold 18 carats double plated & silver 950 plated oxidized metal wire, specially coated in order to maintain its original color over time. Finally, various, natural, slow oxidation techniques with no chemicals are used as the finishing touch providing the desired coloring. Every item is different with small divergences.

    • Material: Gold 18 carats double & silver 950 plated oxidized metal wire
    • Color: Dark gold, silver, brown, blue
    • Item dimensions: Width: 9 cm, 3.5 in
    • Weight: 40 gr

    Usually ships in 1-2 working days