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Handmade Long Pendant Necklace Small Ancient Greek Broken Kanata (pot) in Green Patina

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Get every piece of Greek Kanata Project and make a collection. The story: we found it burried and broken, it's ancient and it's Greek.. we tried to make it whole again, we did it... At first, in 2017 it was plain, then creativity kicked in & cycladic, modern or abstract painting came along to accompany the Greek Pot. Each Kanata is Unique, the patina in each pot has her own character and forms different shades of blue green color. It comes with the signature of the Designer. Elegant and simple, once you wear them you never leave them!

    • Material Type: Brass
    • Pendant Dimensions: Height: 1.7 cm, 0.7 in, width: 1.6 cm, 0.6 in
    • Chain: 75 cm, 29.5 in, black plated 
    • Color: Black, green oxidized
    • Weight: 12 gr

    Each item is Unique and may vary slightly from pictures

    Usually ships in 1-2 working days

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