Idole Collection Handmade Woven Jewelry | Anthos Jewelry - Anthos Crafts


Inspired by a gradually vanishing in the recent years- ancient technique by which jewelry and garments addressed to Royals for ceremonial occasions were made in the past centuries in Indonesia, we create unique items for every stylish woman.

All of these creations are made by experienced skillful artisans who use only the tips of their fingers and naked eye το knit even tiny loops at especially processed metal wire. A lot of patience and passion is required but the result is machine-like perfect, although such a machine is not existing.
Further processing is then applied: Special coating for brass and copper in order to maintain their original color over time. Silver 950 plating, and Gold 18 carats double plating. Finally, various, natural, slow oxidation techniques with no chemicals are used as the finishing touch providing the desired coloring, as well as SWAROVSKI crystals, freshwater pearls and semiprecious stones added.
Therefore, every item is different with small divergences, no exact duplicates can be found.